How Temple Management Can Help Your Nonprofit or Church

The behind-the-scenes view of nonprofit work can seem like carefully managed chaos. Here at Temple Management we want to help you manage the pain points of nonprofit and church financial management so that your organization can prioritize its mission.

Your trusted partner for 

Nonprofit Accounting Support From the Ground Up

Temple Management Consulting specializes in the best practices, requirements, and processes needed for strong nonprofit accounting. No matter what stage your nonprofit is at, your accounting is what will propel you forward.

We’re here to help you every step of the way! Our team has successfully taken nonprofits with challenging accounting situations and delivered effective financial management that helps achieve goals and attract new donors.

Whether it’s financial reporting or nonprofit expense management, our mission is to help you make the books a benefit, not a burden. We’ll handle every aspect of the accounting so you can focus on running your organization!

Our use of cloud technology lets us work fluidly, handling your accounting faster than ever before. Besides managing your accounting documentation, we provide you with accurate, actionable financial insight. Our analysis of your finances gives you definitive answers regarding your funding and expenses to help you make the best choices for your organization.

Donation and Contribution Management

Whether you’re a nonprofit managing donations or a church that needs to keep up with member contributions, you want a system that captures everything accurately. Being able to track and recognize these donations and/or contributions are vital to keeping your organization on budget and pinpointing ways to improve fundraising practices.

Your nonprofit also needs to accurately document these finances to meet federal regulations, including IRS Form 990. Temple is here to manage these donations throughout the entire accounting process so that you can focus on actually conducting your important work.

Fund Accounting

The flip side of gaining and processing donations and other revenue streams is actually using the money. Grouping your finances into funds also helps prevent money from being used on inappropriate expenses, which could incur legal repercussions.

Temple‘s team of Certified Public Accountants (CPA)s and Accountants will help you define your financial needs and do the legwork of managing your fund accounting. We’ll also work to ensure that your accounting is compliant with GAAP requirements.

Time to stop stressing over the ledger and just push forward with your programs!

Grant Financial Management and Grant Compliance

To secure grants, you must go through the process of showing how your finances and overall operations meet the requirements of a nonprofit organization. This means developing and analyzing financial reports detailing your assets and expenses to show your need. But the work doesn’t end at achieving the grant reward.

Besides accounting for this boost in revenue, you still need to provide documentation to show that you used the money from the grant within its terms. Temple provides comprehensive grant management from pre-award to accounting for the grant funds in the general ledger.

We will ensure you meet grant compliance and help make it easier for you to keep earning valuable grants. Additionally, our team will help you effectively allocate both indirect and administrative costs allowable under the specific grant award.

Financial Statements and Day-to-Day Accounting for Nonprofits

Whatever other accounting services you need, Temple has your back. Temple Management is your trusted partner for your financial management needs, including:

  • General ledger maintenance and account analysis
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Grant expenditure reimbursement billings
  • Payroll accounting
  • Month-end and year-end close
  • Financial statement preparation
  • And more!

We empower your team with dedicated nonprofit accounting services so that you have more time and less stress to make a difference.

Ready to see how Temple Management Consulting can be an asset for your nonprofit’s financial management? Reach out to us for a free consultation!