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Critical Technologies for your NFP to have in Place

With the pandemic and inflation causing uncertainty and hardship for so many populations,  nonprofits have stepped up to provide services further and wider than ever before in 2022. But the people served by nonprofits aren’t the only ones facing uncertainty and hardship – nonprofits themselves are contending with the economic setbacks of the past few years. 

The good news for nonprofits is that advances in technology have led to the creation of a host of programs and software solutions that make running a nonprofit easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. If you run a nonprofit, you might know from experience, nonprofits can be doing even more to take advantage of technology in order to increase their impact. 

In a 2018 study, researchers found that about 90% of professionals who work for nonprofits would not classify their organization’s use of technology as highly effective, showing a major gap in what impact nonprofits could be having if they harnessed all that technology has to offer (source).

This article will describe several technologies available to nonprofits, categorized by business objectives, which are invaluable for nonprofits who want increased impact. 


Vital to any business, nonprofits especially need effective marketing to attract and keep supporters and donors. Not only is technology important for meeting marketing objectives, but it’s also nearly impossible to achieve those objectives without it. Here are a few of the most important nonprofit marketing technology solutions available: 

Content management system

A content management system (CMS) is software that helps businesses with their online presence using tools for content creation and management. To break it down further: websites are built through a technological language called code, which your average Joe who isn’t an IT professional would not be able to manage. A CMS software or program helps businesses do high-level coding and allows the user of the software to create and modify content in an easy, user-friendly way.

Nonprofits can use a CMS service so that their website is top-notch. This helps attract supporters and donors by offering an informative, easy-to-navigate website. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is another important marketing tool. The employees at your nonprofit shouldn’t be spending all their time sending emails all day long, especially when most of those emails can be sent using email marketing software. Fundraising emails, thank you emails, reminder emails –  all of these can be sent out more effectively and efficiently using this technology. Email marketing is important for cultivating loyalty in your supporters and donors, expanding the number of people your nonprofit is communicating with regularly, and increasing donations.

Social media management 

If your nonprofit is not utilizing social media as a marketing tool, you need to get on that train right away. And after you hop on the social media train, you should also sign up for a social media management service, which is a lot like the email marketing service in that it allows you to organize content for social media, expand your reach, and provide your supporters with consistent communication.


Fundraising & relationship management 

Customer relationship management 

A customer relationship management (CRM) service helps businesses organize and keep track of customer relations. These could be potential supporters or those who have already donated or volunteered with your organization. This software makes it easier and increases lead conversions while decreasing the costs associated with these efforts. Depending on the CRM software you choose, it may come with tools like email marketing and other technologies we have listed here built-in to the service.

Donation software

Donation software for nonprofits organizes donor information to maximize donations and donor retention. Donation software apps are similar to CRMs, as they focus on the nonprofit’s relationships with “customers,” or donors. Depending on the donation management software you choose, it may encompass many of the same tools or present the same metrics as CRM software.

Security & business operations 

Cyber and information security 

Nonprofits must be especially concerned with data privacy because they are dealing with sensitive information from donors, like their bank account numbers and other personal information. Maintaining trust between a nonprofit and its donors is paramount. Cybersecurity and information security software allow nonprofits to conduct business online, such as gathering donations, while knowing they are not susceptible to data breaches.

Project management software 

Project management software is another technology solution your nonprofit could take advantage of, greatly increasing your organization’s effectiveness and productivity. Tracking project progress, collaborating on tasks, and managing resources are all alleviated and made more efficient with project management software.

Cloud computing software for everyday business

If your organization is small, has many remote workers, or simply is looking for cost-cutting improvements to its technology, cloud computing software is a great option. Cloud computing software services provide web-based applications for collaboration and communication, data storage and processing and increased security, and plenty of other services that might enhance your business processes. 


Accounting software 

Accounting software for small businesses is another area of technology that has seen exponential growth, and now there are many options for nonprofits and churches to choose from that are tailored to their direct needs as specific organizations. Accounting and bookkeeping are other examples of tasks made simpler and more organized through quality software programs. 

Call us for a consultation 

This list of technology solutions available to you as a nonprofit is not necessarily exhaustive. Many of the software programs overlap in terms of the service they provide. We finished this technology list with finance because, as an accounting firm with a sweet spot for nonprofits and churches, we know how organizations can struggle in these areas at times. 

At Temple Management, we are constantly tracking the ways technology can build up your business and provide solutions, especially as it relates to organizing your finances. The proper accounting or bookkeeping software solutions are great tools, but can be misused if you don’t have an expert eye monitoring the data input and managing the information you’re getting from the software. 

If your nonprofit needs accounting or bookkeeping help, reach out to us today at (770) 892-2087 for a consultation! 


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